We created this Blog for a few specific reasons

We Created This Blog Site for a few specific reasons. One is that I wanted a way to have a more personal communication outlet with the hundreds of thousands of people who either got my Motor Millions Auto Course or my Think a Little Different Real Estate Course. Also, in May 2006 my book Totally Fulfilled will hit book stores nationwide and I want to share updates and details about the book‚Äôs release. It’s funny that so many people email or call us and ask if I can really be an expert in making money with both cars (Motor Millions) and real estate (Think a Little Different). The answer is absolutely! I have been fortunate enough to learn specific techniques that can help you create a core inside of yourself that can help you achieve success in all areas of your life.

Whether it is your finances, relationships, health or many more aspects of your life, creating this core makes everything possible. I made money by selling firewood in high school, followed by selling cars, and eventually real estate. This led me into sharing my techniques with others, producing TV shows and finally to internet business and consulting.

Through my Real Estate course, my new book and now this web site, I want to help you see there are realistic ways for you to take your life to a higher level. No matter what your current financial or social obstacles are, there is nothing that should hold you back. You have one shot at this life and there is no reason you shouldn’t get the most out of it. This posting is fairly long but moving forward they will be much shorter and to the point on a variety of empowering topics that I know will spark passion inside of you to make a change in your life.

My New Book Totally Fulfilled will hit all major book stores nationwide in May of 2006. I have had the desire to write this book for many years but until now, it was not the right time. I have been fortunate, as a regular guy who didn’t go past high school, took special Reading until 10th grade and started with no money growing up, to be able to reach success in so many areas of my life. Just in the last five years or so, I have generated close to $100 million dollars with my creations. I have had amazing relationships, good health and have had fulfillment on much greater levels than I ever imagined. As we all do, I have had my share of obstacles. However, with some simple strategies, I overcame them and kept moving to another level of life. I realized that through trial and error and modeling other successful people I have found a way to make success and fulfillment a much easier thing to obtain than most people can imagine. People look at accomplishments in the different areas of their life as separate. You may want to make more money, start a new career, fix a poor relationship or start a new one, get healthier, find more time for family or friends and so much more. But in this crazy life we live how can you possibly fulfill or fix every area of your life? You can! By realizing that if you create a core for success with simple techniques I have been fortunate enough to learn, you can have success in all areas of your life. It’s as simple as this: I can help you build the core that will allow anything you want to change, fix or take to another level possible.

Wouldn’t it be great to replace fear, anxiety, stress, envy, loneliness, scarcity, unhappiness and being overwhelmed with feelings of joy, peace, abundance, confidence, togetherness, success and fulfillment? Well, it’s possible no matter what your current situation is. I can’t explain it all without eating up too much of your time. So I will make sure to keep this blog updated with tips that can help each day of yours evolve and get better, no matter what obstacles you face in your current life. I know sometimes it feels like the world is against you. But I am confident that there is a better life out there for you and I hope I can have small part in making you see it.

Think A Little Different is my real estate course that has been for sale on TV since March of 2004, teaching the techniques I have used for the past 18 years to make money from real estate in a variety of ways. It’s not a typical program because I focus a lot on the motivation to actually do it as much as I do the techniques I used to be successful.

I do this because the old adage, ‚Äúknowledge is power‚Äù is a useless saying to me. It is missing a word. Action! Knowledge + Action = Results. You can have all the information in the world but without getting out there and putting it in to affect, it can never work. Just buying my program and reading it, or watching the pieces in it will not start producing money. After seeing this more and more, I am taking the steps to put even more “Action” steps and assistance in to my Think A Little Different Course to take it to another level. We are working on on-line technology that will be sort of an on-line classroom for helping people stay on track, answer questions that may pop up and help overcome any obstacles people may hit. There is a fortune to be made in Real Estate; I’m doing it, students of mine all over the country are doing it and regular people with no help are doing it so there is no reason you can’t be doing it. If making money with real estate is something you are interested in trying then I urge you to go for it. Even if it is not my course, grab a hold of a mentor or someone you know that is making money that way and suck up all the knowledge you can. I am going to make sure to keep this site updated with new techniques of making money with Real Estate and new deals that I do that may inspire you or spark an idea to get you out there and make more money.

I have always been a goal oriented person and set high standards for myself and my accomplishments. Since I started on TV in 1999 sharing my success techniques with the country, My Mission Has Always Been to help people improve the quality of their lives by making more money or helping them set a foundation for success by using the techniques I have learned through trial and error and modeling others. At the same time, I make money by accomplishing this goal. Are we perfect? Of course not. Of course there is error on our end and mistakes I have made in the growth of our companies. In one of my upcoming post I will share the story of Motor Millions and how it rose from an idea I had with one employee to a Multi-Million dollar company that helped people all over the country make money and improve the standards of their life. Yet when the company seemed strong and stable I sold it. The new company did not run it as I did and ran up almost a Million Dollars in debt and found itself on the verge of bankruptcy. Instead of letting them bankrupt the company, I took it back and paid the debt off over a period of time from income I was making from other sources. A costly lesson that I will detail in a later post if it helps you by showing you what NOT TO DO.

My goal has always been to make sure we provide the tools for people to make money the same ways I have. If people order the program and don’t follow my steps it is hard for them to be satisfied. It’s almost like some people think that once they get my kit and open it that $100 bills will fly out. It’s like if I provided a cook book with incredible recipes to someone. They get the book home, briefly look at the recipe, start to cook but don’t use all the ingredients I told them to use. Then, when their meal tastes terrible they blame me 100% even though they did not follow what I shared or had learned. If people follow my recipes they get results. If they follow my recipes and for some reason they are not happy, we gladly refund them. But I know there are always exceptions and we are surely not perfect. When you serve hundreds of thousands of people the small percentage that are not happy with the product or people we may have let slip through the cracks by mistake make much more noise than the hundreds of thousands of happy clients and the people whose lives have changed completely because of my programs. It also does not help that there are people in this business whose intentions are not so good, and money is the main focus of their company. All I can continue to do is be true to my word, find areas where we may need improvement and keep elevating to new levels of satisfaction. What I do know is that I went from nothing as a child, living in a trailer, my mom working two jobs for pennies, always wanting more, to finding ways to make a fortune through cars first, then real estate, then to TV, consulting, the Internet and so much more. I have found ways that have changed my destiny and I want to do the same for other people. From those humble beginnings, I have been able to make more money than I ever dreamed possible as a kid and I know I can help you see there are other ways for you to make money and get to the level you desire.

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