Deal of the Month #1 – No Money Down Subdivision Real Estate Investment

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This Is the House That Dean Built

This is the first in a new series I’ve decided to share with everyone called “Dean’s Deal of the Month.” Once a month I’ll be sharing with you the actual real estate deals that I’ve completed, or that I’m in the process of completing. I will take you through the details of each deal and I’ll explain the circumstances behind the deal.

So to kick off the first in the series I want to ask you a quick question.
Have you ever read the funny nursery rhyme, titled “This Is the House That Jack Built?”

It is a progressive little story that tells of a house which is ultimately connected to several other things; animals, people, and events. It reveals mini-stories of each thing it mentions; like ‘the man all tattered and torn’, and the ‘Maiden all forlorn’, and other smaller storylines.

Well the first deal I want to show you is kind of like that. It’s a story about an 11 acre parcel that nobody wanted because they didn’t see the potential in it. When I decided to buy it, folks thought I was crazy, (even my own dad). Well, crazy as I was, not only did I buy it, I did it with no money and wound up building my first house on that property. The house that Dean built and the story behind it will inspire you to do something “crazy” too…like follow your dreams! Watch the video and see what happened…DG

17 thoughts on “Deal of the Month #1 – No Money Down Subdivision Real Estate Investment

  1. This was great. Actually it was one of my favorites stories from Dean and to see the property up close like that just put it into perspective for me, just what I can accomplish if I put my mind to it.

    Thank you

  2. Dear God!
    That is amazing and I truly need to have whatever you have to do this for myself. I am surrounded by the negative critics and although that does not usually hold me back, in this area it is a little, but only because I am reading your book but cannot seem to see the type of potential in the area I live in.
    I almost cried when I watched your video of that first home you built. I desperately need to take the action to make some money but I am so unsure of my ability to be as smart as you are.
    Thanks for the great information.

  3. Great Video. After the first property (swamp land) you were going to the second property but the video stopped?

    I am now looking for cheep land I can do the same with.


  4. It’s wonderful to put a face on the story I’ve read about. I have your course and real estate millionaire book. Read it all and now I am ready to start. I can’t wait to see the property next door that you said lets go but the video stopped at that point. next time. Thank you for all the inspiration you give and thank you for just not selling something and falling off the face of the earth. Had those courses, lol.
    Thanks again. Look forward to next segment.
    Carol (NJ)

  5. This is an amazing and inspirational video. I thank you for being so humble and allowing us to dream and create visions from your experience and sacrifice. You are amazing and I wish you much more success.

  6. Dean,

    Thanks for sharing this video. It’s your emails and now monthly deals that will keep me motivated and believing that this can and WILL happen for me. Dreams do come for everyday people.

    thanks again
    Jennifer (Louisiana)

  7. I felt I had to chim in on this one. It is truely helpful to see and hear live video. It does help paint the picture and bring to reality that it can and will be done.
    Mike T.(Kentucky)

  8. Dear Dean,
    Since I purchase your book, and start trying to buy property, with little money down and marginal credit, things are looking a little better. You have gave me the confidence to go out and try to own my first home. I have spent thousands of dollars on seminars that have gotten me no-where
    and I thank you for sharing you real life stories with us. You give me hope.
    Regina (Gardena, CA)

  9. Thanks Dean for sharing this video with us.Although
    mine came in a bit distorted, the message is very
    clear! Keeping an open mind when looking at any
    deal can be very rewarding.I look forward to the rest of this video!!
    Thanks again Don from N.J

  10. Up to this point I was only thinking houses!!!!! I need to think biggers and with out boarders! Land, what a simple concept, if I will just let opportunity lead me! And of course, prepare to meet it and do something with it.

    Great video and inspiration!

    Rohn & Shelley Everson

  11. Dean-

    Awesome story! Thanks for sharing it and it provided more motivation to looking into deals myself. I’ve learned that most things in life are aquired by knowledge and using the right choice words to make it all happen.

  12. Hello Dean, Ijust received your book last week and I’m on page 37. I plan to not only read the whole book but also to take action! I really like how you share your experiences and provide not only the tools to succeed, but an open forum for others to help each other. I actually bought my first property 7 yrs ago with no money down just as you’re saying, but it was with the help of my landlord that made it happen. I always wanted to get into real estate investing but allowed other things and other people to hold me back. Keep up the good work!


  14. Dean
    I can only say WAO to this wonderful deals. I am reading the book at the same time my eyes are looking to see if I will find any foreclosure or run down properties but I have not come across any. I’m not giving up at all even praying to God that this is my way out of rat race. Thanks

  15. Thank you for your deals of the month they are inspiring. I am new and found the why in making a change in my life. I am new and refer to your book often. Theobstecal i deal with is fear and i will get through it. I look forward to being one of your student success stories. I am enjoying all of your stories because they are real life.

  16. Can’t see a video on this one? Has it been removed? Love the other stories/deals of the month videos…Recently out of work (Automotive dwindling in Windsor, Ontario, Canada) and ecomomy like everywhere else..This is something I hope to be a success story and follow your route of success..Thx Dean
    Regards, Dean C.

  17. Hi, I first brought deans book last year around octomber 2008 and read the book be a millioniar in real estate, and after reading the book I tried to go out and do deal without any help the wrong way and located nothing. Then dean wrote another book profit in real estate right now, and read the whole book, but this time I read different comments from other deans students got different options in which to invest in real estate with no money down still learning, but I know how to use some of technics, now will be using the mentor program as well all I can say is dean you are the man. To anyone out there that needs to be helped along lifes path dean is the man, I truly believe that God works through dean in helping people like me and you God bless for now.

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