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I have literally been traveling non-stop all over the country. I have been fortunate to meet many amazing people along the way. In fact just a few days ago in Del Mar California I met an incredible man named Darrell Scott. Darrell just happened to pick my book up at an airport book store and he called me so we could meet. I am so glad that I did.. He is the father of Rachel Scott the first student murdered at Columbine High School. You should really check out her story and now his at www.rachelschallenge.com - she was an incredible girl with amazing values and her message can help us all grow to another level.

Darrell Scott took his daughters message and is causing a chain reaction of goodness around the world with it. He has spoke in front of Millions of kids and is changing people’s lives for the better every day. I could not even begin to imagine what it would feel like to lose a child – so I won’t pretend that I do. But I can firmly say that this is a man who found a way to focus on the goodness of his daughters life, how to celebrate what he had with her not just what he had lost and to focus on a positive solution not just on tragedy.

Folks these are the same core attributes I talk about in Totally Fulfilled but I didn’t invent them. Successful people, people who live their life on their own level, the ones that leave behind a better life for the next generation have these same traits. When an obstacle stands in their way they focus on the solution not the problem at hand. When a failure happens they use it as a lesson of what not to do which is just as valuable as what to do.

If you have an obstacle in your life that is holding you back do yourself a favor and re-define it as either an excuse or a challenge. If it is an excuse that throw it out and if it is a challenge than acknowledge it and jump all over it because everyone loves a challenge. Either way instead of focusing on the obstacle everyday try to change the focus on a beneficial solution that has an outcome better than just staying where you are at.

I have watched this type of solution oriented thinking change people’s lives in an instant and I have watched people waste away in an unhappy life because they decided to spend their energy focusing on the problem. It’s your life and you have the opportunity to do what anyone else has done. Find someone doing what you want in life and model what they do. It’s your life and it’s time to live it the fullest.


Dean Graziosi

P.S. Thanks Darrell Scott for inspiring me on a whole new level – your daughter must be as proud of you are you are of herJ

One thought on “A Post by Dean Graziosi

  1. I loved the message and I can honestly say that I have taken every ‘bull-by-the-horns’ in my life to make it what ‘I’ want it to be and not what others think it should be.
    I grew up in a very poor and dyfunctional family where my father constantly told me that I would end up a worthless “&*^%)” when I grew up and that he hated me. That is just the tip of the iceberg and I never once thought he was right. I had no-one to back me up or tell me differently but I went ahead in leaps and bounds. All of my family and friends are now amazed at what I have achieved and continue to achieve against all odds. Just give me the guidance and information I need, I will seek it out, and I will move forward.
    And since I am strangely in-capable of ever holding a grudge or staying angry at anyone, my father and I now get along very well and on my terms.
    I will read more on this lovely child who so tragically lost her life but through her father can still inspire us all.

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