Deal of the Month #2 – Dean Graziosi Cashes in on 21 Acres

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How Dean Graziosi Cashed in on “21″ With None of His Own Money

No, I’m not talking cards, I’m talking acres. In this month’s “deal of the month” you’ll learn how I structured a great deal on 21 acres I wanted to subdivide, by thinking a little differently. It wasn’t a bargain piece of property, I paid the seller full price for it. I also had some challenges because I didn’t have the money to buy the property and there were upset neighbors who didn’t want me to do what I had planned.

Watch and learn how I bought the property using none of my own money, and how a complaint from one of the upset neighbors, gave me an idea that made everyone happy AND skyrocketed my own profits on the deal. You’ll walk away from this month’s deal with a lot of new knowledge and new capabilities to do similar deals yourself.

16 thoughts on “Deal of the Month #2 – Dean Graziosi Cashes in on 21 Acres

  1. Well, this was just amazing. I still cannot imagine how buying a piece of property mushroomed into a gold mine! Great buy and thank you for the education of buying acreage, making some money, and making your neighbors happy.

  2. This is the most amazing story and especially given that I just found a great piece of land that can be subdivided into 3 or 4 and is already at a greatly reduced amount.
    I will be thinking a little differently on ways to capitalize on this!

  3. Great deal Dean. I want to start looking but I need capital to invest in my first place, I don’t have enough equity in my home qand I need some help here

  4. thats something in the future i like to try ,i got my first deal closed, i be honest i was skepatal of this but i took the leap boy am i glad i did!!!

  5. The Dean Man;
    Hey your doing above and beyond. I can’t thank you enough for how motivated this has made me to move into realestate; I haven’t even done my 1st deal yet, thanks. Stay encouraged.

  6. Again, it’s great to have someone that not only TALKS it – but WALKS it and LIVES it! Thank you for showing specific examples of your strategies put into place!
    You continue to be an inspiration and a “push” to “think outside the box” – I LOVE IT!

  7. You’re a true inspiration Dean! I just got your new book and am devouring it. This deal is absolutely killer and a real wake up call for seeing, believing & acting outside the circle.

  8. Dean, that was AMAZING! I hope I can do the same one day. Thank you! Also for being a great sport, how you did this one just ten minutes later, INCREDIBLE!

  9. Hi Dean,
    I appreciate you sharing your deals, it helps me to look more and more out side of the box. I’m having a hard time finding investors. I think a lot of it comes from trying so many other ventures and now that I have really found something that I want to put all of my efforts in people especially my husband are doubting me. I’m not going to give up and hearing from you just inspire me more.


  10. Hi Dean,
    thanks for the motivation i read your book several times over and im trying to do assignments and lease options with no money down right now and i wouldn’t of even imagine that i would be trying this before i read your book so thanks again and im looking forward to become one of your top students one day

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