Deal of the Month #3 – Don’t be Afraid to Ask

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Ever asked someone a $70,000 question?

Have you known anyone in trouble with a piece of property? Have you seen any ugly properties that juts might be diamonds in the rough?

In this deal of the month video I’m going to share with you the story of a property I found simply by not being afraid to open my mouth and talk with a friend who was in trouble.

Here’s some background. A buddy of mine was about to lose a property to foreclosure. It was an ugly property, one that nobody had looked at or was interested in buying. I wanted to help him, and I believed that cleaning the property up with make it salable. So was upfront with him. Instead of feeling like I was going to take advantage of him, I told him I wanted to help him, but make a profit too.

I offered him more than he owed the property so he could walk away with some money in his pocket, and I began the process of cleaning the property up.

As fate would have it, the deal went in a direction I never would have imagined. See if you can catch the moral to this story.

18 thoughts on “Deal of the Month #3 – Don’t be Afraid to Ask

  1. WOW,
    Yes Dean, I am impressed with your savvy. It is truly awesome and awe-inspiring!
    I love to watch these to try and ground myself once again with the positive as I live in a very negative environment, surrounded with negative people, but that will change one way or another.
    I get disheartened and saddened by my struggle to make my very first deal, but I bounce back and I will do it somehow.
    Thanks for the inspiration, again.

  2. Dean,
    Another great video! My goal when I got started was to help other struggling single moms get off welfare, become homeowners and live the life of their dreams. I know plenty of them, myself being one, if I can do it, I can teach others to do it too. I lost focus of that goal, now I’ve made it my mission because of all your encouragement!
    God bless you,
    Elena M.

  3. Hey Dean,
    That was GREAT! I always love to watch your videos and listen to your words because they’re so inspirational. Every time I hear about your childhood it gets me more motivated to move on. Like you I want to be a Millionaire in my twenties. I pray to God everyday! Oh and it was nice of you to add on an extra 10 grand for your friend! That is an amazing piece of property!

  4. Dean you are the man. Very good video and motivating. It does feel good to help others. It is not only about making millions evenwe all know you can make millions in real estate. But when you can help someone along the way it can make you feel like a million.

    Keep motivating us and God bless you.

  5. hi dean thanks for another video ,i always try and apply what you say in these deals youve made,
    ou got me looking at ugly places like here just today right in town of eagle river alaska i saw a home thats abandoned looks like , im now going to look the infor up on that prop to see if i can get owners name see what i can do, thankyou again for the opertunities you have opened my eyes up !!!
    mike s

  6. Dean, I wish someone like you came along when I lost the house that I was raised in to a Chapter 7. I think that people will soon realize about you that there are many times when it is not just the money, it is truly helping people. Your are always an inspiration to me. Jan

  7. Dean,
    I don’t know WHY it takes so much to change a person’s belief system. Thank you for once again showing how a person can help someone in a bind, and NOT feel like they are taking advantage. (I want to be watching for opportunities to do the same.) And then to turn it around, beautify your town by getting rid of an eyesore, and realize a huge profit as well?! That is so incredible!
    God bless you, and thanks again for sharing your stories.


  8. What a great video.Deal of the month #3. I have a friend right now that the state has put a lien on his property as of 7/7/2008. He needs help and I don”t know how to help him. Just like your video. How do I help him!

  9. Hey Dean, that was great situation how you help a friend in need and didn’t take advantage of him. I have your new book Be A Real Estate Millionaire and you talk about similar deals like this one. Hopefully we can talk in the near future about current market and what you would do if you was in my shoes.

  10. Dean, you are amazing,I’m humbled to what you have done to help others and to be able to make profit in the process.I don’t have any real estate experience at all and by reading your book Be A Real Estate Millionaire,I would like to do the thing as you helping and be able to share it with my friends. How do I start and where.

  11. Dean, you are the MAN!!! i know that i am my biggest skeptic, but you have truly inspired me to take chances that i normally would not take. i realize that it was my own fear of the unknown that was holding me back.Your book (be a real estate millionaire)was awesome and is more than (just) a real estate book. i am looking at a rental investment that i believe is screaming for me to start here,so i am going to take a chance and move towards that. thank you for the positive outflow of videos and one of your coaches called me today. So thank you once again and keep it coming!!!

  12. Dean,
    Great motivating video Mr.Graziosi, I’m 16, and I’ve started reading your book (Be a real estate millionaire), and I really appreciate your actions, and devoted kindness to help others in hard situations.Thank you so much

  13. Hi Dean,
    I see why you are blessed with so much in life you have a heart of gold and you will always be rewarded from God because you care about others. I have only been on this website for a few hours and the way you deal and treat others is what really kept my interest hope to share a cup of coffee or tea with you some day. Thanks for all your support and may God smile upon you and your family.

    Lady J


  15. WOW!!!!!!! That’s awesome. Helping people like that. Everyone WINS! I would like to help my dad who is 74. Has a beautiful 4 bdr. home in P.R. and had to get a loan for 40,000. He lives on 600.00 amonth from social security because the rest goes to the loan payment. Can you suggest how I can help him?

  16. Hi Dean
    thanks for the knowledge and motivation and helping people to not be afraid and take action
    really apperciate everything your doing for myself and others

  17. Hello Dean,

    This question can be answered by anyone. I understand you helped your friend out tremendously, while enhancing your personal wealth at the same time. My question is not necessarily why you didn’t tell your friend to take the same actions you did to make that property a source of income, but why your friend was unable to do so. Don’t get me wrong, you saved him from a financial nightmare and put 10,000 dollars in his pocket but could it have been possible for him to turn that property around like you did?

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