Deal of the Month #4 РDean’s First Tax Sale Property

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Dean’s Success Goes ‘Uphill’ With His First Tax Sale Property

This month I’m going to show you how the tax system can be your ticket to big profits. The word “tax” isn’t typically associated with profits. At best, folks are happy to get a little refund of their own money when comes to taxes. But I’m going to show you a whole new way to think a little differently about taxes. Let’s take a look at the process of how to invest in tax sale properties.

Every county has tax sales. They are held to reclaim unpaid taxes on property held by private individuals or others. In this particular example, the county had been trying to auction off a 9 acre property year after year and it failed to sell. They finally foreclosed and were seeking $50,000 as the asking prices. Watch the video to discover not only what I saw that others missed, but your jaw is going to drop when you find out what the county accepted for the property. Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Deal of the Month #4 – Dean‚Äôs First Tax Sale Property

  1. thank you for the deal ot the month video on tax sales. I will look into this also at my county treasurers office. Wish me the best. Thanks again Loria Gathings

  2. Thank you Dean,
    I now know to look into the county’s treasurer’s office. I will try to do that in my county in Arizona.

  3. Thank you Dean:

    You are an inspiration for me. and appreciate your effort, sharing all your knowledge. God bless you.

  4. Hi Dean, been watching your informercials,got to say, they seem quite interesting.I did call my county assessors office,they stated they only have these tax sales once a year,can this be true? I checked another nearby county as well,and it seems to be true in their county as well.There’s another infomercial by someone else, who seems to be buying homes for less than $500.00 is this true?Please advise.

  5. Thanks Dean,
    I read a whole book on tax liens, and they never said anything about “foreclosed” tax lien properties. Author went on to say that in his ??? years in the business, he had only heard of a couple of instances where the property was actually taken possession by the lien holder.

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