Deal of the Month #5 – 21 pay’s off 31 to 1 for Dean

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It wasn’t a Blackjack game, but this “21” Paid Off Big!

No, this isn’t a story about a trip to Vegas or Reno. This month I’m going to tell you about one of my most favorite deals. This is a beautiful 21 acre property that came complete with a whole bucket-full of problems. I’ll reveal what those problems were, how I saw them as simple challenges, and applied a solution based set of strategies to turn a “great deal” into a phenomenal investment. At minimum I’ll make a 3,000% profit on this property, but I’m estimating as much as 12,000% or MORE! (Can you think of anything on the planet that can pay that kind of dividend besides real estate? No way!) Watch and learn how keeping your eye on the prize and being patient pays off big.

39 thoughts on “Deal of the Month #5 – 21 pay’s off 31 to 1 for Dean

  1. very cool deal i bought 55 ac for 20 k that they say is land locked but that can be fixed now i have oil co trying to get me two sign a oil and gas leaseon that proprtuy and my 6 ac property where my house is they tryed two get me two sign for 400 a acre i talked two a fellow who said i should join there colition they have them up two 3500 per acre and he was saying there getting 2500 k per acre in texas i!am not shure but i think i should wait for a better price the colliation has 1100 members so far? what two do

  2. Dean,
    This video was absolutely amazing. I purchased your book some time ago, and I’m so surprised that you are still willing to share your information. Again, this video was great and it is a great idea to show us and explain in details how you were successful. God will truly bless you!

  3. Dean,
    I want to congratulate you on your great persistence and motivation and more importantly vision on acquiring such a beautiful piece of land. I love how you think and plan to use your techniques and ideas to purchase some similar properties in the future. Once again congrats.

    Mike Shotwell

  4. I am very interested in real estate. However, I would love to meet Dean Graziosi personally and speak to him before I dive into investments. Is there any possibility of this happening. This would be a dream come true if it does.

  5. Dean,

    I have been wanting to get involved in real estate, but since my divorce, it’s been too difficult financially to even consider, especially here in New Jersey.

    It was great hearing this story. You’ve got such a great attitude, and you make me feel like I can do it. I’m hoping the prices continue to soften, so I can find a deal I feel I can make, sometime within the next year.


  6. Hello Dean, Thank you for your true stories. We personally need your assistance. We need a solar home builder. We have a design and the property, presently living in a tear down home in Cape May Court House NJ on possible 5 lots 2.8 acres. We need interested investers. Would you be interested in helping us develop this property? I love solutions and I beleive you are the man I want to work with. Sincerely, Cyndi Rhoades

  7. Thanks again Dean for another GREAT tip! I got your book back in Sept 07 and we have done quite well on your advise. I even had an extra copy and passed it on to another couple wanting to do what we are doing. We currently own 5 houses have sold one, two rented and one soon to be on market for rent and one for sale!
    Thank you for your HUGE success tips.
    John and Shelly Hazle

  8. Nice job about the duration and timing. Was there a total picture on your planning. Example entry stradegy – team in place to process your aquisition and your exit stradegy? What is your master plan system or are these just random involvements. What is your daily program? Do you start with say reading the paper on an area etc. Do you have a daily formula of efforts and completion of goals? or a number of defined daily step to accumulation of facts on deals or area trends? How does your program work to your overall goal? – How are you ORGANIZED? Hank

  9. Dean you have got your self a great investment.
    let me tell you what I had done ,I read your book on tax sales and went to A auction in MosePoint MS. and picked up 46 tax lien properties for $9,430.33 at a return of 18% the first year plus 1.5% permonth for the second year.I am hopping to
    end up with some of the properties as A clear profit.


  10. Dean,
    I have the Book and all to meet you and a hands
    on mentor is what i need. I belive you sent me an
    email a while back on this kind of assistant.
    Well it would be a Dream comes true to make money
    right along side you. How can this happen?
    Need the money and more investments.


  11. I watch you vidio and it is indid encouraging.
    Ibought your book with no single real estate knowledge but with your encouragement I can step out if I fall I will rise again

  12. Thank you Dean for sharing your success stories with each and everyone of us. Because of you, I am more determine and motivated to keep moving forward to make my dreams come true in real estate. God Bless!

  13. Dean,
    I bought your book last Spring. At the time I owned a house and a condo. Since, I have sold the condo, reinvested in a fix-up house project, and am in escrow on my original house and the fix-up project. At COE I will realize a net gain of $445,000 and already have my next investment lined up. Thank you for writing that book!

  14. Dean, Iam a home builder who just started my construction company in June of 2006, and as we know the new home market went south. I saw you on TV and said why not? we bought a forecloser at the court house, sold it 19 weeks later for a net clear profit of $50,800.00 THANKS

  15. Dean, I also live in westchester,ny and would love to get your input on some property for sale on the hudson waterfront and another project being built next to a main thruway

  16. A co-worker wants to get rid of one of her distressed property Located in Long Island.She recently submitted a short sale package to her bank. it’s not finalized yet.She’s been offering that property to me and now after I read yourbook which I purchased recently.I ‘m really interested to purchase the property. However I recently started to work on my credit which at this point is on 620 score, I have less than $5,000 available.Please help,what should be my next move?

  17. Dean,
    That took great patience and creative thinking! Thanks for sharing, this helps me not to give up, but to dig 3 levels deep into what seller’s needs and wants really are.

  18. DEAN

  19. I think that was an awesome investment that took time patience and motivation to take on such a big challenge as that. I am proud for you great job.So are u saying we can do it as well.Boy i would like to make enough to just build my dream home from the ground up.I’m sure i would’nt just stop there.Be blessed maybe one day i will be telling my story.

  20. Great story – you can teach an old dog some new tricks. Nice. Here’s a great quote I just came across for everyone to enjoy: ‚ÄúThe world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.‚Äù ‚Äì Harry Emerson Fosdick

  21. Brandon
    Great story, however I am having trouble getting my first deal. I am a teacher for the Atlanta Public Schools and therefore I don’t have any extra money. I bought the program in July and I have yet to get my first deal. I am desiring that extra insight besides the books and the audios to get started. I live in Atlanta where there is a whole lot of opportunity. So I’m asking is there anyone out there who can point me in the right direction, I would eternally be grateful and your help would not go unnoticed. My occupation is helping others and now I’m asking for help for myself so that I can be in a better postion to help others.
    email is and again, as you can see, I desperately need help getting started, and I will be eternally appreciative is SOMEONE can help. Be Blessed

  22. Hey Dean.

    I am 13 years old and once i saw you on TV and i got interested in this real estate business. I bought your book and i am almost finished with it and i think that you did a great job on that because after reading it i already know a lot about real estate. Great Job!

    Thanks a lot!

    Sincerely Stanislav.

  23. That was fantastic and motivating. I was wondering though was the property then mortgaged to pay the cash advances and credit cards?I have ued credit like that for purchases but I had to flip it in 30 days or rent it in 30 days or mortgage it to make the credit card payments. How were you able to do it and just hang on the property andcontinue moving forward?

  24. Dean thanks you so much for sharing this video with all of us. You truly are an amazing human who thinks out side the box. Your dedication, empathy, and respect for others really reflect the greatness in your heart. This story has been so inspiring that I now am beginning to “see” and “think” outside the box. Best wishes….. gar

  25. After serving 25 years in the Army (still in – 3 more remaining), I am excited about living my dream of having a very profitable “second career” as a teacher, and most important, having the financial freedom to do the things I want to do. I make a very good amount of money as an officer, however, it is a “fixed income” Truly time for me to rid myself of this vicious cycle. I am enjoying reading and researching material provided by DG. Keep it moving.


  26. After watching a few of your videos, I have learned that its all about not being shy in communicating with people your intent to purchase, and to be unafraid to find out as much information as possible on properties that we want to invest in. I enjoy your videos and am learning about “thinking outside the box”.

  27. Bravo Dean
    You showed your heart and compassion to the people and was still able to accomplish your mission. Would you teach me how?
    Sincerely: Martin

  28. Great story , you have vision and faith is all I can say , wisdom to see the big picture , this is so good to be plugged in with a real person who does care about people and can show it, all the best ,

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