Deal of the Month #6 – From rundown shack to new home tract

How I paid one man’s foreclosure bill and built a house on a hill

Did you catch my attempts at clever rhymes in those two headlines? Okay, no one’s ever going to accuse me of being a great poet, but I do know how to spot a great opportunity. This month I’m going to tell you about one of those great opportunities, that was also one of my most unusual projects. A couple years ago I was visiting my home town. I drove by a run down old shack on the side of a hill. It looked abandoned, so I stopped and took a look around. Suddenly, I had an idea. “If I could get this property, I’d do something that would turn this eyesore of a site into a lot that was beautiful and bright. (uh…! There I go with that rhyming again). Watch the video and learn how I took a $30,000 investment and created something could return 1000% increase on my money. By the way, in the video I keep saying “I’m going to make $50,000” which is NOT correct as I’m sure you’ll notice. My profit is much higher. Maybe math isn’t my strong suite either eh… :)

One thought on “Deal of the Month #6 ‚Äì From rundown shack to new home tract

  1. What a wise idea to look at this property and have it transformed into such a beatiful dwelling. The video is helpful and brings to life what i am reading in your book. I am new to Real Estate investing and i am going through changing my old view with your all inspiring book. I look forward to being one of your student success stories.

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