Deal of the Month #8 – Ugly House Pretty Profits

This is the house that everybody passed up. It was in foresclosure and nobody snapped it up because it was so ugly, and in such terrible shape. That’s too bad for everyone who missed out, but very good for me. By the time I found it, the foreclosure process had already been completed. This was sad in a way, because I couldn’t deal with the owner. If I would have found the house sooner, I would have been able to help the owner prevent the foreclosure from going on their credit. (Just as I teach using the techniques in my AFF program, (

However, by the tme I found it, the bank owned it, (REO). Now here’s the kicker…I paid $60K for this “ugly duckling” put $30,000 into it to make it pretty – AND put $100,000 cash in my pocket. Oh, and I didn’t sell it to do that! So, how did I do it? You’ll have to watch the video and find out…

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6 thoughts on “Deal of the Month #8 – Ugly House Pretty Profits

  1. Dean, you amaze me once again with your strategies and knowledge. I would love with your help to close a deal like this..Maybe one day I will have the priviledge to do business with you..Thanks again

    Mike Shotwell

  2. Great success stories Dean. I should be receiving your book and audio book in a week or two. I bought Carlton Sheets program a few years ago but never pursued it. Just didnt have the confidence living in a small town but do regret not even trying. But anyway my question to you is how in the world did you manage to get a bank to loan you 190,000 for a house you already paid for?? That one just blew my mind. I hope your book will explain lots of these situations for me.

  3. These are the only deals I will buy! I just finished one I bought for $5000 put 20,000 in repairs bank will loan $70,000 just bought a second one needs minor repair paid $20,000 needs $10,000 in repairs bank will go $80,000 thats 50,000 for about 3 weeks work on this one looking at at third one for $30,000, big four bedroom needs $10,000 repairs bank will loan $92,000

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