Dean Graziosi Scam, Wow! Scammers Turning The Tables!

The competition has tried to the turn the tables on Dean Graziosi by creating a web campaign calling Dean a scammer. Since this is the so far from the truth that the truth has to be rigorously defended.

To add insult to injury, the people who are perpetrating the smear have a very poor client satisfaction rate. They have actually been called scammers for a long time, not from us, but from their clients. Our clients on the other hand, they actually have success, they are happy, they are changing their lives. Their clients turn to us hoping for a way to dig themselves out of a hole (sometimes bankruptcy) caused by the false promises delivered to them in their quest for financial freedom.

Our company has remained above name calling and smears, even when it sickens us to hear the experiences from some of these companies in the real estate education and infomercial industry – allowing ourselves to stand on our own merits while the competition unsuccessfully tried to copy us, our strategies. But now, to even the playing field they have now resulting to call our products scams, and even go as far to say Dean Graziosi is a Woman or Dean Graziosi is transgender to further somehow discredit Dean. Yes, this is just plain silly, but it is goes to show you desperation of some.

By now, you are probably more confused than ever on who is real and who is a salesman trying to rip you off. Instead of taking my word for it, or the competition’s word for it, take our clients word for it. We don’t just have 5 or 6 people (real, fake or actors) saying our stratgies work. We have over 20,000 members online backing us up on We have countless home videos our clients have sent us showing their deals on Dean isn’t some guy who was a real estate investor 20 years ago or just talks well on TV, he is active in dozens of real estate investments right now. He has videos of deals he has done, right here on this site. He is interviewed by news networks for his insight.

So all we ask is, don’t take the word of random website with an anonymous person spouting off this or that. Instead, take the actual evidence and the claims of real people, with pictures, with deals, families and their real names word for it. These same people meet at local clubs, they have been to seminars and met each other.They aren’t operating in a online fanatsy world, they are on the ground working towards success.

Your choice is a rather simple one… listen to the people that profit from steering you away from the most successful real estate system to date for the masses,¬† the same people that make money when they get you to buy something different off their website. Or, you can listen to real people – a giant family of positive people who have made their life a better one through Dean’s books and teachings.

The choice should be a simple one. Even if you are still skeptical after that, our products come with a money back guarantee – a real one, so no risk. There are plenty of others who offer that also, only when you call to exercise your right you get a messaging service that never returns your call.

Do your homework… if you can’t find a bunch of real websites with many different people talking about the person/company, the person/company is probably a fly by night sales operation. If you can find a long term person that has been offering ways to make money in real estate, you will either find a bunch of complaints and accusations of fraud – or you find Dean Graziosi… it is really that simple.

6 thoughts on “Dean Graziosi Scam, Wow! Scammers Turning The Tables!

  1. Heavenly father may you pour your wisdom, love, knowledge, kindness, over the evil of these words and just blessed the people who want to do harm to others and just blessed them Lord Jesus. In the name of Jesus I pray AMEN. Now, I am a new Real Estate Investor and I am reading Dean’s Book and have read many others. Educate yourselves as much as you can. In whatever adventure you do there will always be trial and error. The key is “Just do something”. If you fail blame yourself. Try again. There are issues that would have worked in a different place and time. That will not work now. there are issues that will work now but not then. Education is key and failures leads to success. Be your own person. I really enjoy reading and finding Dean’s book very helpful. I will admit I am still am reading his book. I see that I know for myself. I can do this. Before I had doubts. “Profit From Real Estate Right Now!” by Dean Graziosi” I am learning from it. I find it exciting and very easy to understand and I can apply this when finished reading the book to real deals. So people aren’t happy that’s life. We all need to pray more and trust everything in God.


  3. I find dean as a thoughtful generous person because hes been there and done it. Im starting his book now and will follow it. Im apprehensive but excited at the same time.

  4. I started with another company. They asked for thousands of dollars. I did pay hundreds for their seminar and visited their website for help. Know what…there wasn’t anyone there. Then I picked up one of Dean’s books and found his website. I compared apples to apples and decided that Dean Graziosi’s coaching program was the best price and after seeing and reading all the information on his site realized that was right for me. I am so glad I did my homework. My whole life is different now. It is as if a veil was lifted and now I see. Check it out yourself at

  5. I’ve spent a lot of money on another program that ended up being so disappointing. I felt so frustrated with the support I experienced and was feeling used to fill their good old boys pockets. Then I saw Dean’s infomercial. I thought, ” what have I got to lose.” Well, what a ray of light for my son and I. The support from Dean, other investors, coaches, and newbies like me is accessible and honest. Thank you Dean

  6. I just purchase deans book its very interesting full of common-logic sense, but why I am so discourage. I believe In dean but at the same time money make money and things are hard with NO MONEY. I not going to give up just like the next man say just keep praying, but I need to believe I wanna overcome my fear of being successful. need help

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