Celebrity Houses for Sale

Like everyone else, celebrities move on. And when they do, they often leave behind stunning views, incredible landscaping, and hopefully, impeccable taste. One of HGTV’s newest shows lets viewers in on these sales, even if it is for just a voyeuristic peek.

Some of their featured celebrity homes are actively on the market though and available for purchase… but buyers should probably try to get their financing in order before they call their real estate agent. Here are some choice properties with star quality now available:

Brad Garret, of Everybody Loves Raymond, placed his stunner on the market in November 2011. Potential buyers can guess that it must be roomy since Garret’s 6′ 9‚Äù frame had to live in it. The beamed ceilings are gorgeous and work nicely in the large open spaces of the home. Reports are that the price recently dropped a cool $1 million so it might not be as out of reach as most people thought.

If a beach front home is what you are looking for, Pierce Brosnan recently dropped his price $1 million in an effort to attract a buyer.

Four years after he last live in it, Heath Ledger’s former Los Angeles home is back on the market. With such a storied prior owner, the value of the home will certainly go up in the eyes of some buyers. The idea of living in a home formerly occupied by a celebrity is thrilling to some. For others, it gives them an extra touch of je ne sais quo when they are chatting up a stranger at their next cocktail party.

Sometimes you have to act quicker than the competition though. As an example, Dennis Quaid recently sold his Los Angeles home, complete with equestrian playground, for $9.5 million. It was on the market a litle more than 6 months, which seems to be the average for one of these expensive celebrity homes.

If a mediterranean home is more your style, FrontDoor.com recently listed Ben Stiller’s Outpost Estates in Los Angeles. And a true estate it is. After acquiring the main property in 1999 he snatched up the opportunity to purchase two adjacent properties to use as guest villas. It is a given that his guest list for those homes was quite long given his broad appeal.

Potential home buyers who are looking to acquire a celebrity home will have the best luck by working with real estate agents in the centers of celebrity-hood – Los Angeles, New York, and south Florida. Many celebrities own homes in Florida due to the favorable tax laws. Remember OJ Simpson? His Florida home was one way he protected his assets in light of the civil law suits filed against him.

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