What to Do About Lookie Loos

Every realtor or home seller dreads one thing—lookie loos. These individuals are those who look at houses just for fun. They go from property to property, asking questions and feigning interest just to spend the time and dream a dream. In short, they waste your time for no good reason whatsoever.

But what are you going to do about them? Most of the time you don’t really know if someone is a lookie loo or an interested party. You don’t want to turn anyone that is truly interested in the property away. But at the same time you don’t want to waste your time on them.

In truth, there is very little that you can do. One way to avoid lookie loos is to ask a few basic questions before you make an appointment to show the property. Ask them if they have gotten preapproved for a loan. If they say no, point out that this is the first step to home ownership, and suggest that they do so before you make an appointment with them. This will deter many lookie loos. However, some individuals will lie and say they have gotten such preapproval. Therefore it is a good policy to ask for a copy of this preapproval in order to make the appointment to look at the home.

Another way to avoid lookie loos is to ask them how much they are looking to spend on a house. From lookie loos this may elicit a hesitant response, or a vague one. In most cases, only seriously interested buyers are going to have a number right off the bat. And, if the number given does not mesh with the asking price of the house, you can politely inform them of this and decline the appointment.

You can also get an idea of whether or not someone is a lookie loo by getting some background information about the caller. Do they have children? Pets? What do they do for a living? Of course, people can lie about this information. But if their answers are hesitant it may be possible that they are lying. In addition, if someone says that they don’t have children but you are selling a five bedroom house, it is likely that they are not really interested in the property.

If you suspect that someone is a lookie loo just by the phone conversation, you can politely and carefully decline to show them the property. The easiest way to do this is to tell them that you are unavailable at the moment but for them to call you back at a later date. If they actually call, and they might not, you can tell them the property has sold to deter them. This way you can avoid them completely and they will not waste your time.

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