What Your Front Door Says About You

Many homeowners don’t give their front door a second thought; they just see it as a way to get into their home.  But your front door can say a lot about you and your home.  The front door is the first thing that visitors and potential home buyers notice about your home.  Your front door can either invite visitors in or send the message that you are not interested.  To ensure that your front door is inviting to visitors there are some things that you can do to make your door say “come in, stay awhile”.

If you have noticed that your door is showing signs of age or the paint is peeling it may only require a simple fix to become inviting.  You can easily change the entire look of the front of your home by freshening up the existing paint or stain on your door.  If you feel that your door is beyond repair it may be time to invest in a new door.  There are many options available to homeowners who are looking at replacing their front doors.  You can choose to customize a design offered by a local retailer or you can choose to have a door custom made by a local wood working shop.  But when you consider customization, you should also be prepared to pay for that unique look.

There are also many designs available at many of your local home improvement stores.  These designs can come in a variety of materials that can be specifically ordered with your specifications in mind.  If you are more interested in choosing a door that is secure you may want to choose a design that is made from steel.  Not only are steel doors the most secure, they also tend to be the least expensive choice available.  Newer models of steel doors can also be outfitted with sidelight and premium hardware to make them look more expensive than they actually were.

If steel is not your first choice you can always find a secure wood door that can liven up your home.  There are many different types of wood doors available for you to choose from, such as oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, maple and many others.  If you would prefer to paint your door instead of using the natural finish there are many high quality paint grade doors available for you to choose from.  Painting your door can provide your home with a unique look that helps it stand apart from all of the other homes on your block.  Depending on the model and type of wood door that you choose, wood doors are often more expensive than steel doors.

There are also fiberglass composite designs that are durable and require little to no maintenance.  These types of doors are often more energy efficient than other designs and also come in a variety of designs and styles that can appeal to most home owners.  Whatever type of front door you decide to choose, remember that it sets the tone for the rest of your house.

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