Best Places to Buy a Retirement Home

It is time for you to start thinking about selling your home and buying the house you want to live in when you retire. Most people want to downsize so you will most likely sell your home, buy a smaller home and put some extra money into your nest egg.

One of the best places to purchase a home is Alpena, Michigan. In Alpena you will have plenty of things to do. You will be living by Lake Huron which is a great place to fish and boat. Talk about relaxation in your golden years.

If you love to golf and cannot wait to spend hours upon hours golfing, plan on moving to Augusta, Georgia. Augusta is known for its golf courses and even hosts the Masters Tournament each year. You will also enjoy the beauty the Savannah River has to offer.

If the city life is for you then Columbus, Ohio, is where you want to check out the living space. Take a stroll through the museums. Get out and enjoy the festivals. Maybe you moved to Ohio from another state. The festivals are a great time to have family and/or friends come and stay with you to enjoy all of the fun.

Memphis, Tennessee, may be your new destination to live. If you love country music you are in the right state. Enjoy a tour at Graceland where you can “see” Elvis. Make it a habit to walk along the Mississippi River to get fresh air and exercise while enjoying the scenery.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a very clean city. Milwaukee even has a program where it provides financial assistance for folks to purchase previously foreclosed homes that are available to buy. Enjoy the Milwaukee Museum, Discovery World and plenty of businesses that offer theatre plays.

Auburn, Alabama, is the perfect place to move to if you want to live on just your Social Security check. You can get outdoors and participate in many of the activities. You will enjoy mild winters and hot summers if you choose to retire in this location.

Are you looking to settle in the mountains? If so, check out Blacksburg, Virginia. Here you will enjoy the Blue Ridge Mountains and Allegheny Mountains. Do you feel like taking classes so you do not become bored? You can take courses at the State University. If you are active or would like to become more active you may walk along the Appalachian Trail.

Another mountain town is Boone, North Carolina. Here there are plenty of free items for you to enjoy. For example, the town offers free public bus transportation. In the summertime on Friday nights take the bus to the Jones House Cultural and Community Center to listen to outdoor concerts.

Most of these areas have homes under the price range of $100,000. Here is to you and finding the best place to live in peace and serenity.

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