Why Good Tree Maintenance Shortens Selling Time

The last thing you may be thinking about when you are preparing to sell a home is whether your trees are in good condition. It seems more natural to focus on the house itself. Yet, your trees can have a huge impact on whether and how quickly you can sell your home.

Great Trees Increase Curb Appeal

Potential buyers are often very impressed and highly influenced when a home is surrounded by beautiful trees. Well-maintained trees help make the house look like a place they would enjoy coming home to after a hard day’s work. Since the trees may provide the potential buyer’s first impression of the property, it makes sense to make sure they look perfect.

Damaged Trees May Turn Away Buyers

Trees that have been damaged by wind, disease or human interference may give possible buyers one quick reason to reject your home before even considering its merits. The buyer may be wondering if the tree is even salvageable. By taking care of tree problems before you show the home, you make it more likely for buyers to walk past them without any concern and step up to the house itself.

A Potential Buyer May Demand Tree Maintenance before Committing

Sometimes, neglected trees will not totally scare away a buyer. If the buyer knows something about trees and knows that the trees simply need a little maintenance, he may still be willing to consider the home. What he probably will do, though, is to demand that you tend to the trees before the sale is completed. This puts you in a time crunch that you could have avoided if you handled the problem ahead of time.

Damaged Trees Pose a Threat to Your Property

Damaged trees are usually quite unstable. Broken limbs can become missiles during a wind storm, and rotted trees may fall on your roof at any moment. If any of these things happens, you may be put in a position where you have to repair the home before you can continue with the selling process. Avoid delays by taking care of the trees as soon as you notice the problems.

Damaged Trees Are a Liability Risk

Since damaged trees are so unstable, it is not unusual for them to fall unexpectedly. Even more unfortunately, they may fall on someone else’s home, on someone’s car or even on a person. If the person who loses something because of your trees sues you, you may end up causing legal snarls that keep you from selling your home as quickly as you would like to.

When you think of selling your home, do not forget you are selling the stability of your trees as well. To avoid problems during the sale, start by hiring a tree maintenance service to come in and take a look at any problem trees. An expert may be able to set them right quickly and improve your chances of a fast sale.

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