Get the Most Out of Every Day Your Home Is On the Market

Have you ever noticed that some sellers seem to ignore their properties after putting them on the market? These people may or may not be worried about the length of time that it is taking to sell their homes. Either way, they let those days pass and pass without doing much to hurry them along. Here are a few ways to avoid falling into the trap of inactivity while your home is on the market.

Check for Needed Repairs

Keep going back regularly to see if any repairs are needed. Check on it after weather events that might have caused damage. Even if there is no apparent reason for something to break, it never hurts to look around and make sure.

Maintain the Yard

Ignoring your yard is a good way to run off potential buyers. Each week your home is on the market, make a visit to your property to do yard work. Mow and rake the grass, tend to flowerbeds, rake leaves, shovel snow, or do any work the season calls for.

Communicate with Your Team

Those professionals that work with you to prepare your house for sale, do the selling, and complete the transaction are all members of your team. Keep in contact with them as needed all along the way. Do not bother them unnecessarily, but keep in touch and everything will go smoother.

Keep Up with the Staging

Staging tends to change with the seasons. In winter, you will want everything to speak of warmth, intimacy and comfort. During a long, hot summer, you will want everything to look cool and spacious. Also, if you have put out magazines, update them from time to time.


Remember to continue your networking efforts all through the listing process and beyond. The more connections you can make, the more people you can tell about your property. The more people there are who know about your property, the easier it is to get action on the sale.

Reevaluate the Need for Home Improvements

Of course, it is impractical and confusing to constantly rethink your decisions about making pre-sale home improvements. Still, it is a good idea to revisit the topic occasionally. Pay attention to improvements being done on other homes in the neighborhood. Study to understand what people want from their homes now that has changed since your home was built. One way to handle this consideration is to set a date on your calendar each month to study and think about doing more renovations and remodeling. That does not mean you always have to do more. No matter what you do or do not do, at least you will have considered the subject seriously.

Many people see only two steps to selling a home. First, it must be put on the market and into the listings. Last, the home must be sold. In reality, a lot of work and thought can go into the time between these two major dates. Use the time wisely, and do not ignore your listed property.

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