How To DeClutter Your House

You have decided to put your home up for sale. You want to make sure your house is as eye pleasing as possible. Make sure you declutter your home before you put it up for sale.

The first room you want to start with is the kitchen. Take all of your appliances off of the countertops. Appliances include your coffee maker, toaster, blender, etc. By clearing off your countertops you are making your kitchen look bigger and much more pleasing to the eye. Place your toaster and items you frequently use inside of your kitchen cabinets. However, make sure your cabinets are not overly filled. Potential buyers will open up your cabinets and drawers to make sure they have room for their own items. If you leave it looking messy and piled high this will turn a potential buyer off. Items you do not use as often simply place in a box and put it neatly in your garage or a storage rental.

Check the cabinets underneath your sink. If this area is overflowing with cleaning products box them up and store them. This is a popular area for home buyers to check.

If you have a kitchen pantry make sure to neatly organize it as well. If you have too many canned goods, simply box them up, label the box and neatly store it in your garage or at a storage rental.

Do not forget to clean all of your closets. You want your closets to look spacious. Take all of the clothing and shoes you rarely wear and box them up for storage. Buyers want to be able to picture their items inside of your closets.

To make all of your bedrooms look more spacious you may have to remove some of the items. You should have a bed, dresser and nightstand if needed. If there is a desk, extra dresser, chair or other furniture place them into storage. You will be amazed how open each bedroom looks and feels.

Each bathroom should be decluttered as well. Make sure the medicine cabinet is clean and has only the necessities. We tend to accumulate perfumes, hair gels, hairsprays, make-up, eyebrow tweezers, extra razors, etc., that can be boxed up to make your bathroom ready along with the rest of your house.

Clean your garage. Get rid of any junk you no longer need or use. Box up items you want to save for your next house and place them in storage. If you want to keep your rake, shovels, snow shovels, hoe, etc., make sure it is neatly displayed on a hanging rack.

If your home has a basement clean out any extra junk. Get rid of furniture if you have too much. You can sell the extra furniture, give it to a Goodwill Store and use the tax write off or place it in storage.

When you follow the above decluttering tips, you will have a spacious, clean looking home to help you successfully sell your home.

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