Five Ways to Promote Real Estate Creativity

When selling a home, it can be difficult to come up with creative ways of presenting it. Since presentation is everything, this can be rather problematic on the outset. Below are five ways to be more creative when placing your home on the market.

One: Learn from your mistakes. Every seller makes mistakes, especially in the beginning. You can limit these by consulting with a realtor who can help walk you through the process. There’s a lot to selling a home, so seeking good advice is a great idea.

Two: Act on your curiosity. Curiosity leads to creativity. When staging your home to sell, find out what the trends are and have fun setting it up. If you’re not feeling particularly creative, it’s okay to consult with someone who does this sort of thing all the time. If, on the other hand, you are looking for ways to channel your inner artist, begin staging your home in ways that would be appealing to others. Remember, you are in the market to sell, so your choices should not reflect what you yourself would prefer. Instead, ask questions. Begin with variations of what if? Why? Why not? These should get your creative juices flowing in the right direction.

Three: Seek inspiration. If you aren’t sure of the best ways to showcase your home, look for others on the market that are similar in structure. Take a look at them for ideas. While you don’t want to copy off of what others have already done, you can learn a lot about your own creative process by examining what’s out there, what’s working, and what isn’t.

Four: Utilize a realtor. Many people often try to sell on their own. If you have sold a house before, or if you frequently purchase investment properties to sell later, you may be well-acquainted with the real estate industry. In this case it might be okay to sell on your own. If you are not familiar with the process, however, don’t go it alone. Sure you’ll wind up paying a realtor, but it will be worth the money. This will allow you to be creative while seeking much-needed and appreciated professional assistance.

Five: Have fun. The first rule of being creative is to have a great time doing it. Selling your home is a serious endeavor, but when getting it ready for others to see, you should take the time to enjoy the process. Also be willing to try new ideas and keep up with the latest trends. That way if your home isn’t selling, you will have other ideas to fall back on to make it more marketable. This will also continue the flow of creativity which will carry you right up to the sale date and beyond so you’ll be ready the next time you decide to sell.

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