Why You Should Insulate Your Home

110923247There are many advantages why you should insulate your home. First, it conserves energy by keeping out the cold and heat when necessary. Second, conserving energy will help save you money because it cuts down on utility costs. This is especially a concern in winter. Think of it as a home improvement project. According to a post by Dean Graziosi, “Not only will the proper

amount of insulation help to keep you and your family warm, it will also cost you less to heat your home during the cold winter months.”


There are many ways to insulate your home. The most obvious is to pay someone to put up insulation on the exterior. This protects your home and will definitely pay for itself over time. The money you save will outweigh the cost of having it done. When choosing a company, be sure to go with one that has a reputation for doing good work. Ask around to find out who other people you know have used. Refer to Dean Graziosi’s blog for related tips and information.


There are other ways you can actually help to insulate your own home. Is there a gap around the piping under your sinks? If so, cold air is getting in during the winter. When this occurs, the kitchen and bathrooms are colder in temperature and it takes more energy to warm them. This cool air can also circulate throughout your entire house which will drive up utility bills.


If you find gaps around your pipes, fill them in. There are substances that can be purchased from your local hardware store that enable you to do this. Some of them come in the form of sprays that expand and hardened once applied to a particular area.


Make sure your windows are in good shape. Old windows let a lot of air in and out. Have you ever felt around your windows in the winter, only to find there is cold air coming in? If it’s especially cold near your windows, perhaps it’s time for them to be replaced.


Use plastic coverings for your light switches and electrical outlets. While these are typically sold for restraining children from sticking items into the sockets, they also work very well for keeping cold air out. Just put your hand over an outlet or light switch in the winter and feel the amount of cold air coming in. While it may not seem like a big deal, consider how many outlets and light switches you have in your house and think of all the cold air you’ll have coming in at one time. Now consider how much harder your heater will need to work in order to warm the interior. Using coverings will keep that cold air out which will allow your home to be warmed more quickly. This, of course, will also help conserve energy.


You can get information on this topic and more by visiting Dean Graziosi’s website. The time to begin thinking about insulating your home is now, just in time for winter.

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