Using Your Bonus Room As a Selling Point

bonus roomThere are plenty of selling points to consider when selling a home. Your bonus room can become a very important one because of the sheer number of uses it can take on for various home buyers. As Dean Graziosi points out in a real estate blog post, reinventing space can actually boost the value of your home.

The home buyers of today are looking for usable space they can turn into media rooms, home theaters, and other technology-related areas. Computer rooms and home offices have also become quite important to buyers these days. A home with a great bonus room will have lots of potential when it comes time to sell.

Bonus rooms are often used as dens, dining rooms, playrooms, and game rooms. Some are even converted into sunrooms. As mentioned above, media rooms and home theaters have also become quite popular over the past several years. When selling a home, you want the prospective buyer to invent uses for the bonus room upon viewing the house. This means dismantling your own use of the space and keeping it open for imagination. Remove all items from the bonus room before the property is even shown. This will allow those looking at it the opportunity to picture the space as they would use it instead of seeing it in only one way.

Where the bonus room is located in the home can also make a big difference on how it can be used. If, for example, your house is equipped with a very large basement, this space would probably not work well as a sun room. It could, however, be turned into a game room, home theater, or perhaps even guest quarters. Different people will have varying needs that will determine how they would use the space. Perhaps a prospective buyer is in a band and needs a room for rehearsing. Perhaps the buyer is searching for a home with a small apartment for an in-law. There are literally hundreds of ways to use a bonus room, all of which can help sell a home.

Another great option is converting attic space into a bonus room. Whether the attic is accessed from the garage or through a particular place in the home itself, it can be finished and converted into a bonus room that can take on a number of uses. Again, many people convert the space above the garage into an apartment while others choose to convert the attic accessed from within the home into an extra bedroom. Walk-in attics may be easier to convert because of the way they are built, but the space must still be used wisely. Some buyers may wish to turn the attic into an art studio or even a home office. Attics are a great place for gaining privacy because of where they are located in the home.

As an article posted on notes, adding a bonus room can add value and functionality to your home. Consider this as an option when purchasing your new house and consider it once more before placing your home on the market. You can learn more about this and other topics by visiting Dean Graziosi’s website.

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