Home Selling Tips For Spring

sellingAs many home sellers know, spring is the hot season for selling their home, states Dean Graziosi.  The arrival of spring signals the start of the home buying season.  To help your home stand out from all of the others being listed during this time, I have put together some tips that will help make your home more appealing to buyers.

  • Curb Appeal – This is the first impression that your home makes on potential buyers, which is why it is so important for sellers.  Presenting buyers with a clear and eye-catching entry way helps develop a positive first impression in their minds.  Adding some potted flowers will help give your home a pop of color that will be sure to catch the eye of any buyer.
  • Home Improvements – Many sellers are reluctant to put any extra money into a home that they will soon be selling.  But simply making a few small home improvements can go a long way in helping your home stand out from the competition.  I’m not saying that sellers should invest a large sum of money in a large renovation, rather spend a small amount and make some small updates throughout the home.  This can be accomplished by replacing the fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom, applying a fresh coat of paint to some of the rooms, and any other small projects that may have gone undone while you were living in the home.
  • Staging – If you feel that you may need help making your home more appealing to buyers, you may want to consider hiring a professional staging company.  They will come into your home and add furniture or accessories that will help bring out the beauty of your home.  You do not have to have your entire home staged, you can choose to only have the main rooms done.  This will be enough to help your home be remembered and stand out.
  • Remove Clutter – This may be surprising, but many homeowners ignore this important step.  If your home is too cluttered it may appear sloppy and uncomfortable to potential buyers.  Dean Graziosi recommends that you spend a few hours and go through each room removing what it not essential to your daily life.  These items can then be placed in boxes and stored until you move.  Special attention should be paid to countertops and family spaces, these are the most common areas where clutter seems to accumulate.

During the listing process, you should share any new renovations that have been done and special features that your home may have with your agent.  They can then use this information to create a print and online description of your home that will capture the attention of potential buyers.  These simple steps will help you make your home more appealing and hopefully sell much faster than other home listed in your area.

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