How to Check Local Crime Rates

crimeMoving to a new city can be one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life.  Not only do you need to pack up all of your belongings, you also need to find and purchase a new home.  One of the most questionable aspects of the process can be the type of neighborhood you’re moving to.  Dean Graziosi recommends that anyone who is planning on moving to an area they are not familiar with, conduct some research into the crime statistics in the area.

Reviewing crime statistics for the new city you plan on moving to is a great way to get an idea of the residents and community in that city.  These statistics can also help you choose an area that will better suit you and your family.  If you are planning on opening a new business once you relocate, these statistics can also help you choose an area that will be best suited to the type of business you plan on opening.  If you notice that an area you are interested in buying in has a higher than average crime rate, you may want to entertain other options.

Viewing local crime rates can also help you discover how property values may be affected by higher levels of crime.  By accessing different online websites, you will be able to form an opinion on any neighborhood you may be interested in relocating to.  You will also be able to investigate how many, if any, registered sex offenders may be in the immediate area.  This is an especially important statistic for homebuyers who have young children.  Checking local crime rates is something that every potential homebuyer should do when relocating to a new city, states Dean Graziosi.

Prospective homebuyers who are relocating to a new city can easily access detailed crime maps online that will provide them the number and types of crimes that occurred during any given time.  You can also find out how often these types of crimes occur and which areas are more prone to experiencing certain types of crime.  When you access any of the crime maps available online, you will notice that each map will contain a color key that corresponds to each of the different crimes listed on the map.  This will explain the type and frequency of the crimes committed in that particular city.  This is by far, one of the most easily accessible and important tools that prospective buyers should access before they make a decision on any particular city.

Relocating to a new city can be extremely stressful, especially if you are not familiar with the area.  With the use of these helpful online crime statistic tools, you will be able to make an educated and informed decision on the area you are planning on moving to.

Five Tips for Choosing The Right Realtor

realtorChoosing the right realtor is important. You want to go with someone who will truly help you sell your home, buy a new house, or both. Knowing what to ask can be difficult, especially if you are a first-time home buyer. Dean Graziosi understands this and has provided valuable advice to sellers and buyers alike in this area. The following five tips will also help point you in the right direction.


One: Begin by getting references. One of the best ways to actually choose a realtor is to ask around. Find out who friends, family members, and acquaintances have used. If you have a specific agent in mind, try to learn about the experiences of past clients. You’ll find out a lot by simply talking to people.


Two: Find out if the real estate agent you are considering is licensed. This is extremely important. A person who isn’t licensed isn’t who you want to sell your home or help you buy another. Likewise, also find out whether or not any disciplinary actions have been brought against the agent. Again, this is important because you don’t want a realtor who would not have your best interest in mind or who might bend or break some rules along the way.


Three: Does the realtor specialize in a certain type of home sale? This is important. For example, if you own a condo and wish to sell it, you should probably go with an agent who has helped others buy and sell condos. You want to make sure to choose a realtor with enough experience to help you get the asking price you desire as well as assist you when bidding on the home you wish to buy.


Four: Choose a realtor with a good track record of helping others buy and sell. Someone who is known for helping others buy and sell their homes quickly will likely attract the interest of potential clients such as yourself. Though every new realtor does have to start somewhere, it’s still a good idea to choose someone with the experience it will take to help the process go as smoothly as possible. This is especially true if you have never bought a home before.


Five: Ask questions. Before making any big decisions, you’ll want to ask your new realtor questions. Begin by making a list of things you want to know. That way you won’t forget anything and can ask your questions all at once.


Choosing a realtor doesn’t have to be hard, but it will take some time and consideration. You can learn more about this and other real estate topics by visiting Dean Graziosi’s blog.

Why Consider Installing An Outdoor Kitchen


Outdoor kitchens have become quite popular in recent years. They provide a prime place for summer cookouts and add a wealth of entertaining options to any home. Because of this, they can raise the value of your property. As you will read about in Dean Graziosi’s real estate blog, there are many ways to raise a home’s value, so finding or creating features that will be profitable is extremely important. An outdoor kitchen will help do this for you.


The size of your outdoor kitchen will depend on the size of your yard. There are many configurations you could choose from, so now is a great time to begin planning how you will use your space.


An outdoor kitchen will consist of several components. First, you’ll need a place to prepare food. Typically, this will consist of a grill or other cooking option, counter space where the actual food preparation will take place, and cabinet space for storing items. A small refrigerator and freezer can complete this component of your outdoor kitchen.


Next, you’ll need space for entertaining. Some people opt for a screened-in porch or covered area that will help keep sun, wind, and rain out. A space that gets plenty of sunlight might also be preferred. No matter how you choose to arrange it, you’ll want to make sure there is plenty of room for tables and chairs.


If you don’t have much space to work with, you might consider simply adding a grill and counter space for food preparation beside your patio. This will still enable you to cook and entertain outside. As an article in the Deseret News points out, there are several ways to create an outdoor kitchen.


The size and type of outdoor kitchen you build will depend on the amount of space you have to use for this purpose. The important thing is you will be able to customize your own space the way you want.


The first step is to determine your budget. Figure out how much you will be able to spend for renovations, then choose options that coincide with your budget.


Next, you’ll want to check out the various contractors in your area who could take care of the renovations. Describe to each the work you would like to have done, and get estimates. Then you can compare the estimates you receive with your budget to see how it checks out. You can add or subtract options as necessary. Remember, you can always add on to your outdoor kitchen in the future.


Because many home owners are now adding outdoor kitchens, yours will make your home more appealing when it comes time to sell. You’ll be able to enjoy your new addition for as long as you live in the house as well as reap the benefits of the added value when selling time arrives.


Get more tips and information about buying and selling real estate by visiting Dean Graziosi’s website.

Why Renovate Your Investment Property

147697193Real estate is a great investment, especially when you take the time to make the necessary improvements that will either attract renters or help it sell. Whether you wish to rent or flip it, renovations are often needed, or at the very least advised. As Dean Graziosi points out, investment properties can be quite lucrative if you keep up with them along the way. According to an article in Forbes, sellers should think long-term when it comes to making changes.


A well-maintained investment property can keep renters in it for a very long time. Each time a tenant moves out, take a look at every aspect of the home to see what needs to be replaced or even completely remodeled. Sometimes just updating appliances and color schemes whether they really need it or not can make a huge difference. A property that is in great shape will attract renters who will continue paying money to live in your home. Failing to update your property can mean huge problems for you in the long run.


When fixtures and appliances get old, they stop working properly. Letting the plumbing and electric go without maintenance results in leaks and a high risk of fire or other problems. Upon buying a home, an inspection should have been performed, but it never hurts to go over all aspects again.


Begin by replacing warn fixtures. If the home is older, it may be time to install siding or new windows. This will help it remain more energy efficient which will save both you and your tenants more money in the long run.


If you are planning to sell it, making renovations will raise its value. Adding more modern fixtures or replacing flooring will make it look brand new even if it is an older home.


As Dean Graziosi explains, “There are certain home improvements that will be best for your investment property.” When it comes to making renovations, you need to think about profit.


You should begin by assessing both the exterior and interior of your property. Look at not only the home itself, but the rest of the land it sits on and any other outbuildings that may reside there. This includes, of course, the garage. What needs replacing? You’ll want to take care of the actual needs before making other improvements that only serve to raise the value.


If you are able to do the work yourself, you’ll save a lot of money. Hiring contractors can get expensive very quickly, but it important if you need them. Doing the work all by yourself will take longer but will be worth it in the long run, and is okay if you have the time. If you need to flip the investment property quickly, you’ll definitely want to have help.


Look at the inside of the home. What do the individual rooms need? Make a list of all the renovations that will be necessary and assess the cost of materials. This will help you figure out what the overall cost will be.


For more information and tips, visit Dean Graziosi’s site. Be sure to check out his posts on other relevant real estate topics as well.

Why You Should Insulate Your Home

110923247There are many advantages why you should insulate your home. First, it conserves energy by keeping out the cold and heat when necessary. Second, conserving energy will help save you money because it cuts down on utility costs. This is especially a concern in winter. Think of it as a home improvement project. According to a post by Dean Graziosi, “Not only will the proper

amount of insulation help to keep you and your family warm, it will also cost you less to heat your home during the cold winter months.”


There are many ways to insulate your home. The most obvious is to pay someone to put up insulation on the exterior. This protects your home and will definitely pay for itself over time. The money you save will outweigh the cost of having it done. When choosing a company, be sure to go with one that has a reputation for doing good work. Ask around to find out who other people you know have used. Refer to Dean Graziosi’s blog for related tips and information.


There are other ways you can actually help to insulate your own home. Is there a gap around the piping under your sinks? If so, cold air is getting in during the winter. When this occurs, the kitchen and bathrooms are colder in temperature and it takes more energy to warm them. This cool air can also circulate throughout your entire house which will drive up utility bills.


If you find gaps around your pipes, fill them in. There are substances that can be purchased from your local hardware store that enable you to do this. Some of them come in the form of sprays that expand and hardened once applied to a particular area.


Make sure your windows are in good shape. Old windows let a lot of air in and out. Have you ever felt around your windows in the winter, only to find there is cold air coming in? If it’s especially cold near your windows, perhaps it’s time for them to be replaced.


Use plastic coverings for your light switches and electrical outlets. While these are typically sold for restraining children from sticking items into the sockets, they also work very well for keeping cold air out. Just put your hand over an outlet or light switch in the winter and feel the amount of cold air coming in. While it may not seem like a big deal, consider how many outlets and light switches you have in your house and think of all the cold air you’ll have coming in at one time. Now consider how much harder your heater will need to work in order to warm the interior. Using coverings will keep that cold air out which will allow your home to be warmed more quickly. This, of course, will also help conserve energy.


You can get information on this topic and more by visiting Dean Graziosi’s website. The time to begin thinking about insulating your home is now, just in time for winter.