What to Know Before Attending An Open House

houseAttending an open house can be fruitful. It’s a way to view a property and learn more about it without the pressure that can sometimes be placed on you as a buyer when viewing on your own with a real estate agent. As a seller, you’ll need to decide whether or not you will benefit from submitting your home to one. Dean Graziosi provides some great tips for this in his real estate blog.

If you are like most home buyers of today, your search for a new property will begin online. When perusing real estate listings, look for great photos. These are what will initially provide you with visuals of the various listings. Detailed pictures are best because they really capture the different features that can really help sell a home in the end. Make a list of houses you would like to view and talk to your real estate agent about whether or not open houses will be held for these properties. If so, your agent will post the date and you can then make a list of those you would like to attend as well as their dates and times.

Go to an open house prepared. Know what you are looking for in a home and be ready to compare features of different properties. Keep in mind you probably won’t find all the features you want in one place the first time around, so you may have some decision making to do once all open houses have been visited. Then again, you just may find your dream home right away. Since you really never know how you’ll feel about a particular property until you view it, having a good idea of what you want before-hand will serve you well.

Take your time. When going through a home, don’t rush. Look at all the rooms and pay close attention to detail. This will help you decide whether or not you want to look at a particular home again or move onto the next. If you like what you see, chances are you’ll seriously consider it as the one you want to make your next home.

Open houses are a great way to view a home in person rather than simply online. As Dean Graziosi points out, sellers should take every opportunity to do this so more buyers can have the chance to see what is really for sale.

Look past the home staging. As an article in CNN Money advises, it’s easy to be so wowed by what you see that the important things are overlooked. Instead, look under window dressings and under rugs to view what may have been covered up.

Open houses can be beneficial, and you can learn a lot by attending them. You can read more about this topic by visiting Dean Graziosi’s blog.

Five Tips for Choosing The Right Realtor

realtorChoosing the right realtor is important. You want to go with someone who will truly help you sell your home, buy a new house, or both. Knowing what to ask can be difficult, especially if you are a first-time home buyer. Dean Graziosi understands this and has provided valuable advice to sellers and buyers alike in this area. The following five tips will also help point you in the right direction.


One: Begin by getting references. One of the best ways to actually choose a realtor is to ask around. Find out who friends, family members, and acquaintances have used. If you have a specific agent in mind, try to learn about the experiences of past clients. You’ll find out a lot by simply talking to people.


Two: Find out if the real estate agent you are considering is licensed. This is extremely important. A person who isn’t licensed isn’t who you want to sell your home or help you buy another. Likewise, also find out whether or not any disciplinary actions have been brought against the agent. Again, this is important because you don’t want a realtor who would not have your best interest in mind or who might bend or break some rules along the way.


Three: Does the realtor specialize in a certain type of home sale? This is important. For example, if you own a condo and wish to sell it, you should probably go with an agent who has helped others buy and sell condos. You want to make sure to choose a realtor with enough experience to help you get the asking price you desire as well as assist you when bidding on the home you wish to buy.


Four: Choose a realtor with a good track record of helping others buy and sell. Someone who is known for helping others buy and sell their homes quickly will likely attract the interest of potential clients such as yourself. Though every new realtor does have to start somewhere, it’s still a good idea to choose someone with the experience it will take to help the process go as smoothly as possible. This is especially true if you have never bought a home before.


Five: Ask questions. Before making any big decisions, you’ll want to ask your new realtor questions. Begin by making a list of things you want to know. That way you won’t forget anything and can ask your questions all at once.


Choosing a realtor doesn’t have to be hard, but it will take some time and consideration. You can learn more about this and other real estate topics by visiting Dean Graziosi’s blog.

Knowing What to Ask Your Agent

real estate agentWhen it comes to buying a new home, you will probably have a lot of questions. Knowing what to ask your agent will help you make the right decisions, but it can be hard to determine just what the right questions are. As Dean Graziosi points out, this process can be a bit confusing. The good news is it doesn’t have to be.


Begin by asking your realtor whether he or she is a member of the National Association of Realtors. An agent who is a member will know the ins and outs of real estate, will be able to answer a good number of your questions, and will be very familiar with the industry.


Find out how long the agent you have chosen has been in business. Ideally, you want someone who has helped buy and sell many houses for others. An agent with a lot of experience will be able to provide you with better service.


Ask your real estate agent for references. If possible, speak to others who have used the services of this agent in the past. Find out how their experiences were and whether or not they would choose this same agent again. Dean Graziosi’s article lists this as an important step in the process of choosing a realtor.


Find out what the marketing plan of the agent you have chosen will include. You need to know how he or she will go about advertising your home and what will or won’t be expected of you. You’ll find that most real estate agents have a marketing plan they routinely use because it works for them. If you are purchasing a home, find out how others will be able to search for your home.


Request that you have the opportunity to view all documents you will be required to sign ahead of time. It is very important that you clearly understand what it is you will be signing, so viewing these documents is crucial. If an agent refuses to allow this, choose another.


Find out what the agent you have chosen charges. You need to know what you will be paying for and how much it will cost.


Get to know your realtor in the process. When talking to an agent, have an actual conversation and interview of sorts. This is the best way to get the answers you are seeking. While this may sound obvious, sometimes it’s too easy to simply ask questions and accept the answers you receive at face value. Though this may work as long as you understand what you are told, sometimes you may need to ask additional questions. As an article posted on Fox Business points out, most of the time people aren’t going through the interview process. Asking the right questions is essential. Remember, you are investing a lot of money into your new home, so you need answers before beginning. You can learn more about this and other relevant real estate topics by visiting Dean Graziosi’s website.