Preparing Your Deck for Summer

deckAs we enter summer, it’s time to start making sure that your deck is in great shape and ready for all of the grilling and gathering that will take place.  No matter what type of material your deck is constructed from, you should perform regular maintenance to ensure that it continues to perform well and last for years, states Dean Graziosi.  Regular maintenance will also help prevent small problems from turning into larger ones which are more expensive to repair.  So, before you fire up the grill for the first time, you should perform some relatively simple steps to prepare your deck for summer.

The first thing that you should do is conduct a complete inspection of your deck.  During this inspection, you should look for any damaged or loose board and railings.  If you notice any areas that may have become loose, you should tighten the nuts and bolts.  If you see any boards that may have become splintered over the winter, now is the time to sand them and reseal them.  You should also take a close look at the base and foundation of the deck looking for any cracks or other noticeable problems.  It is recommended that you perform any repairs before you clean the deck.

Once you have taken care of any repairs that were needed, it is now time to thoroughly clean your deck.  To begin the process you should sweep away any debris that may be lying on the deck and in between the gaps of the boards.  You may think that using a power washer is the way to go, but if you do not understand and know how to operate one, you may actually end up causing more damage.  It is recommended that you use a stiff-bristled brush and garden sprayer.  If your deck is constructed from vinyl materials, you can simply use soap and water to clean it.  However, if your deck is made from wood, you may want to purchase a cleanser that is specifically designed for cleaning wood decks.

The final step in the preparation process is to seal your deck.  This is only necessary if your deck is made from wood.  If you have a vinyl deck, your work is done.  To provide your wood deck with an extra level of protection, you should seal it each year.  It is important that you begin the sealing process when you are sure that you are going to have a few days of nice weather and no rain.  You should thoroughly clean your deck and lightly sand it prior to applying the sealant.  Dean Graziosi states that once you have properly sealed your deck, you are ready to begin enjoying the warm summer weather.

How the End of Summer Will Affect Home Values


This summer has shown some of the greatest signs of recovery since the housing crisis occurred, according to Dean Graziosi.  Home values continued to improve during the month of August, which is responsible for the largest annual increase since July of 2006.  With all of the improvements that were reported, Dean Graziosi states that the fast pace in rising home values is beginning to slow down as mortgage rates begin to rise.

After home values have remained fairly stagnant for the last two years, this summer demonstrated the first time the market has experienced steady growth and improvement since the housing crisis.  Mr. Graziosi states that home value increases peaked in May and steadily grew throughout the summer.  But as summer draws to a close, so do the reports of steady value increases.  While the market slows down as a result of cooler weather and a cooler buying climate, home values are estimated to remain steady for the time being.

Mr. Graziosi also states that while values may not increase at the recent pace we have witnessed, they will remain steady and are estimated to rise another 5.2 percent over the next year.  While this pace is somewhat slower than what we have recently witnessed, it is still a positive sign for the real estate market and for sellers looking to sell their homes.  It is estimated that the majority of growth will take place in larger metro areas.

As with anything in the real estate market nothing is guaranteed, but experts are optimistic

Mr. Graziosi is excited for the market and for sellers who have been waiting for home values to improve.  He believes that this is a sign that the market and home values are heading in the right direction and will likely continue to improve.  He expresses that this is the ideal time for sellers to consider listing their homes because their values have likely increased.  The market is still full of buyers who are looking for the perfect home, sellers now have an increased chance of receiving their asking price, and in some cases more.after the positive signs of improvement over the recent summer.  If you are a seller who has been reluctant to list your home because of low home values, you may want to consider listing it now as home values continue to improve.  Since the housing crisis occurred, this is the first time that the real estate market has shown steady signs of improvement.  This should be taken as a good sign that the market is well on its way to regaining some of the value losses it experienced.